Fulfill your required four hour CEU’s to renew your Connecticut E1 and/or E2 Electrical License Registrants are required to have a calculator and 2017 NFPA Code Book during class and a functioning calculator.
  • NOTE: An electronic version of the 2017 NFPA Code Book is acceptable provided it is viewed on an iPad, notebook or laptop only. Cell phone viewing is not an acceptable device.
Participants are NOT permitted to use cell phones for this virtual-live interactive class because of the limited screen sizes. Only desktop, laptop and computer notebooks or tablets are permitted. Prior to the class starting, each participant is required to display a driver’s license with photo ID and their occupational license for confirmation of the attendee.
  • NOTE: If you are uncomfortable holding up your license during sign in, please email us at training@swisny.com so we can arrange for you to email your license and photo ID to us ahead of time. If you do not contact us ahead of time to make arrangements, you will have to display your identification during online sign in.
Anyone not providing the mandatory identification documents will not be permitted to attend the class.
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